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We love hearing personal stories about how the other culture, language, country changes us or makes us realize something about ourselves we have never thought about.

Here is a very personal post about a new "hybrid" value system that one of our customers had to construct for herself after her move to the US from Russia:

I moved to the United States of America in my early 20-s and have gone through a complicated and sometimes painful process of adjusting to the new culture, of forging a new identity. I was faced with the identity dilemma, with the question of “who am I?”

"(Culture) is a pattern of perceptions, values, attitudes, and behaviors that is accepted and expected by an identity group." M. Singer

I felt a very strong Russian identity and attachment to Russian culture on one hand and a strong desire to assimilate into mainstream American life, to get a feeling that I belong, on the other. At some point, I realized ... Read more »

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I had some great feedback on part one of this project and am looking forward to posting many more insightful answers I have received.

This week I want to introduce you to another wonderful teacher in my life  - James Toland. He is a great vocal coach, chorus master, and loves languages aJTVAlogo ... Read more »

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I have been asked this question many times and usually the answer I give is: because I like it! But the other day talking to one of my friends about the bilingual and multilingual speakers and why it happens, I realized that most everyone has a very interesting story behind. I decided to ask people some questions but will start with my own answers:

1) Why do you speak more than  ... Read more »

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On our latest trip down to San Diego we decided to go without any electronic entertainment for my 3 year old daughter. Someone will say: how is it possible? While others will chime in: that’s how we did it all our lives and on cross country rides, nothing special! Well, for us it was a conscious decision and we just went for it. Don’t’ take me wrong, we took entertainment for her for the road: books, coloring books and crayons, audiobooks, CDs with songs, toys. So we were prepared. But as both of us have thought there were several instances of utter boredom for my 3 year old when she was just on the verge of crying and starting a tantrum. So we played games. One of her favorite games is I Spy with My ... Read more »

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Natasha AlexandrovaNatasha has been teaching Russian to foreigners for over 20 years, first in Ukraine and then in the USA. She has a Bachelor's in Linguistics and a Master's Degree. Natasha attended a number of teaching trainings, conferences and seminars. Before her career as an author Natasha was a head teacher and observed countless lessons, giving feedback to the teachers about how to improve the lesson, as well to the students on how to benefit the most from the program.

Natasha watched many students struggle with learning Russian via complex textbooks that present a lot of material quickly and without ... Read more »

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Я веду машину и слушаю музыку.    =I am driving a car and listening to music.
Я вела машину, а дети спали на заднем сиденье.    =I was driving a car, and my kids were asleep in the back seat.
Давай я буду вести машину, а ты будешь мне говорить, куда ехать.=Let me drive the car, and you will give me directions. 
Кто ведёт эту группу детей в музей?=Who is taking this group of children to the museum?
Мать ведёт ребёнка к врачу. =The mother is taking the child to the doctor.

English phrase ‘I am driving a car.’ can be translated into Russian with 2 phrases: 
Я еду на машине. = I am going by a car. (The person can be a driver)
 Я веду машину. = I am driving a car. (The person is a driver)


... Read more »

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Плыть – плавать

плыть-плавать = to swim



... Read more »
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Лететь - Летать = to fly


Самолёт летит в Москву. = The plane is flying to Moscow.

Когда мы летели на воздушном шаре, то внизу мы видели горы. = When we were flying in a hot air balloon, we saw mountains underneath.

Завтра я в первый раз буду лететь на самолёте. = Tomorrow I will be travelling by plane for the first time.


Пчела летает над цветком. = The bee is flying over the flower. (Random movements)

Они летали в Париж . = They have been to Paris. (Went there and came bac ... Read more »

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Ехать – Eздить

Ехать= to go by vehicle on the ground

Такси едет по дороге. = The taxi is driving on the road.

Когда мы ехали домой,  мы видели аварию. =  While driving home we saw an accident.

Завтра в это время мы уже будем ехать в поезде в Санкт-Петербург. = Tomorrow at this time we will be taking a train to Saint Petersburg.

Ездить= to go by vehicle on the ground

Каждый год летом Степан ездит отдыхать на море. = Every year Stepan goes on vacation to the seashore. (It’s far away)

В субботу мы ездили на дачу. = W ... Read more »

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Идти - ходить

идти – ходить = to go by foot, to walk                    


The verb идти belongs to the first group and describes one way movement at a certain time.

... Read more »
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14 days - 14 verbs of motion!

Day 1

to run бежа́ть-бе́гать 

1: Unidirectional, Describing the moment бежа́ть

Маленький мальчик бежит домой. = The little boy is running home.
Лошадь бежала рысью. = The horse was trotting.
Завтра сотрудники нашего отдела будут бежать марафон. =Tomorrow our employees will be running marathon.

2: Multidirectional, Repetitive бе́гать 

Я бегаю каждое утро. = I run every morning.
Таня, где ты была? = Tanya ... Read more »

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The other night I was trying to explain to my daughter what ESKIMO (Эскимо) is in Russian when we came across that word while reading an AZBUKA (Aзбука) together. It brought a whole avalanche of ice-cream related memories, so why not share them with you.

First, you will be surprised by how much Russians love their ice-cream. Most every foreigner who has been to Russia, especially in winter time, asks me - why are Russians so fond of eating ice-cream out in ... Read more »

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I love teaching Russian to my students, but even when I am not in the classroom, many of my friends who do not speak Russian would ask me some to teach them some common Russian words and to teach them to read and write something in Russian (what their name would be written like in Russian, some words they already know, etc).

Lots of them, especially English and French speaking ones, were surprised by how easy it was to read Russian once I showed them the method I developed in my classes.  That method alongside with many other little tricks and simplified ways of teaching Russian that I have developed became the basis for my Russian Step By Step Series.

If you do not speak a language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet, Russian letters might seem to you like an odd combination of the Latin letters and other weird signs. I have taught a lot of speakers of Engli ... Read more »

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У него Дар Божий," - так говорят о человеке, у которого есть голос. Что же такое кроется в нем, в человеческом голосе, что заставляет нас слушать не отрываясь чтение интересной книги, оперу Верди, любимого человека? Существует даже зависимость от голоса, сродни наркотической. У каждого человека свой неповторимый голос. Немногие люди умеют пользоваться этим своим уникальным природным инструментом, как бы, играть им. Слушаешь, бывало, писклявый голосок известного режиссера, рассуждающего о своем месте в искусстве кино и удивляешься: как это такой могучий организм (режиссер этот росту не маленького) издает такой странный, не соответствующий объему тела, звук.  Пишут, что и И. С. Тургенев, тоже вполне себе дородный мужчина,  говорил высоким, "немужским" голосом. Такие голоса специалисты называют зажатыми. Известно также, что в минуты волнения наш голос звучит ... Read more »
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