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Russians have a special relation with flowers. If you are going to visit someone who has a woman in their household, it is very customary to bring her flowers. Surely you do not have to do that, but she will be very pleased if you do. But it is important to remember some things when you choose your flowers.

First, it is considered inappropriate to give an even number of flowers to an alive person. If you are giving flowers to someone the number of flowers should be odd: 3, ,5,7,13, etc. An even number of flowers is given in Russia only to the dead people: for the cemetery, the funeral, the wake. It is a very important tradition in Russia. One thing to keep in mind is that is the bouquet is really large and it is not really possible to count how many flowers are in the arrangement, no one will count them or apply ... Read more »
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I am sure a lot of you who are studying Russian and/or have been to Russia know about this wonderful spring holiday. It is somewhat similar to the Mother’s day here in the US, but celebrates all women and girls. It is definitely traditional to congratulate your mom, grandmas, sisters, aunts, cousins, teachers, coworkers but at school you will also see boys congratulating the girls in their class (similar to the Valentine’s tradition in the US) with cards, small gifts or flowers.

It is common at schools for the children to prepare special crafts for their moms, sisters, grandmas, and teachers and then present it to them on the day of. Handmade cards are also very popular.

Tulips, Mimosas and Daffodils are one of the most traditional flowers during this season. Depending ... Read more »

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Есть много разных рецептов русского борща. Мы вам предлагаем свой вариант, опробованный и оценённый нашими американскими друзьями.There are so many recipies of Russian bortsch. Here is a true and tried one that our American friends really like.
Вода 4 литра - 4 liters of water
Мясо – куриные грудки с косточкой или свинина на кости (желательно, чтобы были кости, т.к. из костей получается вкусный бульон) – 200 г Meat - chicken or pork or beef or lamb with bones. The broth is better If you have the meat with bones. 200 gr
2 – 3 средних свеклы 3 medium sized beets
1 морковка - 1 carrot
2-3 картофелины 2-3 medium sized potates
1 средняя луковица - 1 medium siz ... Read more »
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Following Easter and Christmas, Kreschenije (Baptism ) is one of the most important religious holidays in the lives of Russian Orthodox people. This day is in honor of John the Baptist who baptized Christ in the Jordan River.
To baptize you need to use water, so water is one of the big parts of this holiday. Lots of people go to Church to bring home bottle of Holy water. This water is considered healing and people drink it when they are sick or need strength. Many are also bathing in the cold water outside. This year there were about 50 authorized locations in Moscow for those who would like to follow the tradition and wash away their sins in the cold water.
To read more about this religious holiday follow this link http://www.pravmir.ru/kreshenie-gospodne-zhizn-vechuju/
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Many people say that giving yourself a New Year’s resolution is a waste of time, but it is not so. Just the other week I was listening to NPR and they said "And believe it or not - believe it or not - a large percentage of people who make resolutions actually do stick to them.” 



What are your New Year’s resolutions? Hopefully one of them is to learn Russian. Whether you are a complete beginner and are just starting your journey with the Russian language or have been at it for a while, a new year is always a good time to regroup and invest into your studies.

Make sure you cover all aspects of the language: read, write, speak and listen. If you go to the gym, you need to do cardio and strength exe ... Read more »

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FreeDigitalPhotos.netHow long does it take to learn Russian or any other language?
It depends.
First of all what is your goal: do you want to be able to carry on a simple conversation or be fluent in Russian?
The kids that come from foreign countries become fluent in a year. Learning is getting more challenging with the age.
Companies that sell language learning products often guarantee you fluency in a certain period of time. Language experts though are skeptical of such claims.
Most language teachers tell you that the learning process is a complex thing that includes comprehension, grammar, reading, writhing, speaking, etc. The more time and energy you put in your studying – the better results are.

For the best results you need:
1) A good book with lots of audio
2) A good teach ... Read more »
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Когда я была маленькой девочкой и ходила в детский сад и потом в школу, самым любимым и долгожданным праздником для меня был  Новый Год. К его встрече и родители , и дети всегда готовились заранее. В доме  каждой семьи почти за неделю до праздника, а то и еще раньше, наряжали живую ель. С игрушками в те времена было не так хорошо, как сегодня  и поэтому многие гирлянды,  фонарики и снежинки  мы с сестрой делали сами из белой и разноцветной  бумаги и особенно, если повезет, из гофрированной бумаги и фольги. Ещё на ёлку мы вешали  стеклянные шары и бусы, а также шары  с фосфорным покрытием, которые светились в темноте. Это было здорово и необыкновенно загадочно и красиво!

На нашей  новогодней ёлке всегда было  много различных фигурок животных из плотного раскрашенного в яркие цвета картона,  а также всевозможных стеклянных зайчиков, белоче ... Read more »

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Это не простой вопрос, потому что, во-первых, не так легко понять, что считается за слово.

Самый большой словарь современного русского языка содержит около 200 000 слов. Но в этот словарь не включены жаргон, мат или архаичные слова. Он также не содержит специальную терминологию: медицинскую, сельскохозяйственную, юридическую, и т.д.  
... Read more »
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FreeDigitalPhotos.netIt’s not an easy question, because it’s hard to tell what actually counts as a word.
For example a word shape. Is it one word or two, or even three? It can be a verb (meaning to form), can be a noun (meaning figure). In the expression shape of mind (state) it is translated into Russian with a different noun.

The biggest Russian Modern dictionary contains around 200,000 entries. This dictionary does not have jargon, swear or archaic words. It also does not contain a lot of special terms – for that purpose there are many other specific dictionaries: medical, agricultural, juristic, etc.

According to Oxford Press the Second Edition of the 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary contains full entries for 171,476 words in current use, and 47,156 obsolete words.
... Read more »

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Many of my friends love the fact that I speak Russian to my child and are surprised by the replies to me in Russian and to them in English. At almost 2 already knows the difference between the two languages and sounds differently in each of them. Some of my friends are multilingual too and I myself love listening to them speaking their language. As I speak a lot of languages, plenty of times I can actually understand what is going on.

I love listening to people speaking the languages that I don’t know. Sometimes I try to guess what language they are speaking and then ask the people just to know if I was right. Even if I don’t know what language they speak – to my ear each language has its own rhythm, cadence, flow, variations of sounds and I was always wondering: "What does Russian sound like to those who don’t actually know it?”

 When a friend of mine ... Read more »

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Многие мои друзья восхищаются тем фактом, что мой ребенок отвечает мне на русском а им на английском. Почти двухлетий ребенок уже может различить  на каком языке к нему обращаются: на русском или английском. Некоторые из моих друзей тоже разговаривают с их детьми на родном языке, и я всегда радуюсь, когда это слышу. Так как я знаю много языков, то очень часто я понимаю, о чем они говорят. 
Иногда в парке или в магазине, я слышу не знакомый мне язык. Иногда я пытаюсь угадать, на каком языке говорят, а потом подхожу к людям и спрашиваю, просто чтобы узнать – права ли я. Даже если я не знаю языка, зачастую я догадываюсь просто по тону, ритму, определенным звукам – это очень увлекательная игра для любителя языков. Часто я задавалась вопросом: « А как русский язык звучит для тех, кто его не знает?»
Когда одна моя знакомая поделилась ссылкой на это видео, я не могла удержаться от смеха. Наконец-то кто-то ответил на мой вопрос! Эт ... Read more »
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Что это? = What is this?
Что это такое? = What is this?
What is the difference between these 2 questions?
Very often these two questions are interchangeable. The word такое adds a little bit more curiosity to the question.
But there is another  phrase that could be very useful to memorize.
 Что такое лампа? = What does лампа mean?
     The reply can be: 
           Лампа - это lamp. 

This is a very simple word, so the person should be a real beginner is he/she asks that. Therefore the best answer is just to translate the word лампа into English. 
On the higher level you can explain the word using Russian or just point at the obje ... Read more »
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The weather that summer day was nice. I love this kind of weather when it is rather warm, but not hot. I remember that day because such an unusual thing occurred that I will never forget.
 It happened in August. I had a day off and decided to go to the forest to pick mushrooms. This is a favorite Russian pastime in August. It is a kind of hunting. We even call it "quiet hunting." I love to walk in the forest. I believe the trees can recharge me. As I said, the weather was perfect. And everything was okay in my life then. I loved and I was loved. My parents were healthy. My friends were nice. Even my job gave me satisfaction and enough money to feel independent. The air in the forest was fresh and
clean. There were a lot of mushrooms, so I filled up my basket quickly. I continued to walk, thinking about many different things. After a while, I decided to take a little rest and began to search for a good place. I found a small meadow w ... Read more »
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       После дождливого, обычного для Питера июля, август выдался теплым и солнечным. Всю неделю сослуживцы рассказывали о своих грибных достижениях в прошедшие выходные, и Грибов решил взять день из своих неиспользованных отпускных и поехать в лес. Накопившиеся проблемы тревожили, а лес как-то успокаивал и освежал и, казалось, заряжал его энергией.
      Собрался он как обычно с вечера и рано утром поехал в Сосново. Народу в электричке было немного и на станции вместе с ним сошли всего несколько человек, которые немедленно растворились в лесу. Грибов действительно было много, и через пару часов его корзинка была почти полна. Августовский лес был хорош: рыжеватые сосны, ковер из белого мха, лёгкие паутинки. Было, именно что, тепло, а не жарко. Солнце проглядывало сквозь кроны деревьев и грело, но не обжигало. Кто-то- он не помнил кто  - назвал такое солнце "ласковым". В этот день и лес и сам день ... Read more »
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How to memorize all those endings? Do the Russians really always think which case to apply?

No, of course the Russians don’t think about cases when talking. It’s embedded in their heads – it’s just their way of thinking. The English don’t think which tense to apply - they will never mix the verbs in the phrases: ‘I’ve read it already’ and ‘I read it yesterday’, which is, by the way Russians will use the same verb in both phases:

I’ve read it already = Я уже это читал.

I read it yesterday’ = Я читал это вчера.

Repetition is the key here. Listen to the audio regularly and try to repeat after the native speaker. Listening improves your comprehension, but repeating actually makes you think more.

Sometimes you have feeling that you understand everything, but when you try to repeat, you are confused and don’t know all the words and all the endings. So work with audio 30 min every day and eventually you will get it.
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