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Give Women Flowers!
Russians have a special relation with flowers. If you are going to visit someone who has a woman in their household, it is very customary to bring her flowers. Surely you do not have to do that, but she will be very pleased if you do. But it is important to remember some things when you choose your flowers.

First, it is considered inappropriate to give an even number of flowers to an alive person. If you are giving flowers to someone the number of flowers should be odd: 3, ,5,7,13, etc. An even number of flowers is given in Russia only to the dead people: for the cemetery, the funeral, the wake. It is a very important tradition in Russia. One thing to keep in mind is that is the bouquet is really large and it is not really possible to count how many flowers are in the arrangement, no one will count them or apply this tradition to it.

Second, the color is also important. Red flowers symbolize love and passion. If you want to give flowers to the woman you love, red flowers are very appropriate. White is the color of freshness, so young girls are usually given white flowers, as well as brides. And Yellow flowers symbolize separation, departure. So if you are dating someone, you probably should not bring yellow flowers for your date. Sometimes people say you can never give yellow flowers, that is not correct. There are no strict rules about that. You can give yellow flowers to a friend, for example, just avoid giving them to your date or your girlfriend.

Give flowers to women,
Even if it can seem prosaic!
Because beauty is for the beauties -
Give flowers to women,
And you will not be forgotten!

Дарите женщинам цветы!

Дарите женщинам цветы!
Преподнося букетом свежим
В их будни отблески весны,
Чтоб день их счастьем был изнежен.

Дарите женщинам цветы!
Пусть ласка слух лелеет милый,
Вводя их в царство красоты
И восполняя жизни силы.

Дарите женщинам цветы!
Чтобы на фоне глаз любимых
Мерк блеск предутренней звезды
И гас в бездонных чувств глубинах.

Дарите женщинам цветы!
Пусть они знают, что любимы!
Пусть будут чувствами полны
И нами с нежностью хранимы. 

Дарите женщинам цветы!
Чтоб, видя красоту букета,
Они светились от души,
Неся всем радость, лучик света.

Дарите женщинам цветы!
Без дат, событий иль причины.
Пусть сбудутся их все мечты!
Ведь повод – рядом мы, мужчины!

Дарите женщинам цветы!
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