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Russian Holidays

New Year - December 31
January 1 - New Year- is the first in calendar and the most favorite holiday in Russia. Everybody celebrates it. It is bigger than Christmas. This is the time to make wishes and give presents to friends and relatives.
Children find their presents under the Christmas tree, which Grandfather Frost (Russian Santa Clause) put on New Year’s Eve. During a week before December 31st kids at kindergartens and Elementary schools have New Year’s parties, where they meet Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snow maiden.
Adults gather in big groups and celebrate New Year with delicious meals, fireworks, and a lot of noise. There is another tradition - shortly before 12 PM, everybody stands with a glass of campaign and listens to the New Year’s Speech by the President of Russia. When the Big Kremlin Chimes struck midnight, everybody is supposed to make a wish. Then people clink their glasses, say ‘Happy New Year!’, kiss each other and the party continues till 4, 5, 6… in the morning.
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