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Saint Petersburg
    I think that Saint Petersburg is one of the most interesting and inviting cities in the world. At 300 years old, it may not be as old as Paris or Rome, but it has a rich history as the capital of Tsarist Russia, City of the October Revolution and survived 900 days of Nazi attacks as the Blockade City.
    This city’s foundation is built on the bones of thousands of workers transforming swamp land into a collection of beautiful old world buildings and palaces. Many famous Italian and French artists and architects spent most of the 18th century turning Saint Petersburg into a city of classical beauty.
    Today, Saint Petersburg is known as a capital of Russian Culture, and was Western society’s first window into old world Russia. Travelers flock to the city sometimes called "North Venice” because it is located on more than 100 islands and has hundreds of exciting artistic studios. Visitors can also take in the many world famous museums (the Hermitage Museum and Russian Museum), theaters (the Maryinsky Opera and Ballet Theater) and palaces (the Winter Palace and Catherine’s Palace). Once visitors have had their fill of buildings in the city, they can admire the draw bridges, their unique decorations, and tour the canals by boat. For the more adventurous travelers, a cruise from Ladoga Lake down through the powerful Neva River to Valamo Island would be a great way to spend a couple of days.
    The best time for visiting Saint Petersburg is the beginning of summer. At this time, theaters, concerts and other activities are at their peak. Travelers can also enjoy White Nights. White Nights is a St. Petersburg tradition when for 23 hours a day nobody sleeps. Thousands of people walk in downtown St. Petersburg almost all night long admiring the beauty of the city and bathing in the beauty of the night sky.
    St. Petersburg gave me life and I will never forget the bustle of its large squares, the adventures I had on the banks of the Neva River, and the friends whom I shared it with that I love so much.
Oleg Zagorsky
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Comments: 2
Yes, driving in big cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg is tough.
On the other hand public transportation is very well developed in Russia, and it's really cheap.
Russians don't rent a car when coming to visit such cities.

I would love to go to Saint Petersburg one day.
I wonder about public transportation. Does the city have a subway? I heard about crasy Russian drivers, so I assume - forget about renting a car.

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