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The Fall Dream
The weather that summer day was nice. I love this kind of weather when it is rather warm, but not hot. I remember that day because such an unusual thing occurred that I will never forget.
 It happened in August. I had a day off and decided to go to the forest to pick mushrooms. This is a favorite Russian pastime in August. It is a kind of hunting. We even call it "quiet hunting." I love to walk in the forest. I believe the trees can recharge me. As I said, the weather was perfect. And everything was okay in my life then. I loved and I was loved. My parents were healthy. My friends were nice. Even my job gave me satisfaction and enough money to feel independent. The air in the forest was fresh and
clean. There were a lot of mushrooms, so I filled up my basket quickly. I continued to walk, thinking about many different things. After a while, I decided to take a little rest and began to search for a good place. I found a small meadow with a huge pine tree in the middle. It seemed that the white, soft moss around the tree invited me to lie down and take a nap under that pine tree. So I did. And I had a very strange dream. Even now, I do not know whether it was dream or something else.
It seemed I was a particle, a bit of the huge world mind. I could see everything, hear everything and feel everything. I saw my body supine on the moss under the tree. At the same time, I could see the branches of the tree from the ground. In winter, snow covered me. In spring, snow melted. I felt how the fresh grass grew up through my body and how my skeleton sank into the ground, becoming part of the earth. It took, perhaps, about one hundred years. I was not afraid of that situation at first. I knew that I was sleeping and could awaken any time. So, I tried to enjoy myself. But when I decided to wake up from my dream, after a while, I could not do it. I could not move even my fingers to pinch myself to help me awaken. I was confused. I did not know what to do and how to stop the delusion. I had no ideas how many hundreds of years had passed, indeed, before I became a fraction of the universe. I did not control the situation any more. It terrified me. Probably, that was the most inexplicable and horrible moment in my life.
Pine trees lose their needles during the year. Old needles fall down to cover the ground under the trees. All of a sudden, I noticed a falling needle that was making circles. It grazed my cheek and I opened eyes. I sat up, appalled by what had occurred, and looked at my watch. I had been sleeping for seven minutes.

I think only Haiku can express my sense about what had happened.

Fall dream was airy,

But I couldn't awake from sleep,

Pine needle helped me then...
                                                         Oleg Zagorsky
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