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What does Russian sounds like to those who don't know it?

Many of my friends love the fact that I speak Russian to my child and are surprised by the replies to me in Russian and to them in English. At almost 2 already knows the difference between the two languages and sounds differently in each of them. Some of my friends are multilingual too and I myself love listening to them speaking their language. As I speak a lot of languages, plenty of times I can actually understand what is going on.

I love listening to people speaking the languages that I don’t know. Sometimes I try to guess what language they are speaking and then ask the people just to know if I was right. Even if I don’t know what language they speak – to my ear each language has its own rhythm, cadence, flow, variations of sounds and I was always wondering: "What does Russian sound like to those who don’t actually know it?”

 When a friend of mine shared this video with me, I found it hilarious and it totally answered my question! This guy clearly hangs out with Russians but has no clue about the language and I find his parody quite accurate – he really picked up on the differences between male and female speakers, and how sometimes, when Russians talk to each other, it might sound like we are arguing – but we are not!

I hope you enjoy the video and have some good laughs!

This blog post is by Anna Watt

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