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10. jim kolb [jimkolb]   (2018-03-11 10:20 AM)
I have been using stepbystep for quite awhile really enjoy it. However about a week ago I started getting "error message 404" when I try to access the audio for the beginner's level. You said there was a problem with the site and that it was fixed. Not so. Still getting the error message.
| City: silver city new mexico

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9. Bradley [bellabob]   (2012-02-13 3:06 AM)
I'm in 10th grade and I'm learning russian for my foreign language. Everyone does french and spanish...russian is cool!
I'm using "Russian Step by Step". I really like it. I've been doing it for about 3 weeks and I've memorized the russian alphabet and some words and phrases.
I can read and write russian OK also. deal

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8. Olga [Olga]   (2011-12-16 12:51 PM)
Dear Louis,

I assume you are asking about RSBS1 or RSBS2, because for RR Workbook everything is obvious.

For RSBS1, Beginner or RSBS2 , Low Intermediate

there are 2 places to find the script (text) in the book:

1) - in the Main Course section
2) - in the Audio Script section

At the beginning of Audio Script section it is written:

This sign T4 stands for number of the audio track. In this case: Track 4.

If this sign is after the command (see T 19), it means that the script is exactly like in the Main Course. So go and find it in the corresponding lesson.

Otherwise (if the sign is before the command) the script is provided in the Audio Script section

I hope it was helpful

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7. Louis Yonke   (2011-08-01 4:04 PM) E-mail
Thank you for your consideration.
| City: Okemos, MI 48864

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6. Louis Yonke   (2011-08-01 4:03 PM) E-mail
Hi, I enjoy using your materials. However, I think it would be helpful if on the audio you indicated the page of the section you are jumping to. Often I cannot figure out where the text is that is being used. As a result I find the organization of materials confusing. Nevertheless I think your program is very useful Thank you for your consideration.
| City: Okemos, MI 48864

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5. Natasha [RSBS]   (2010-10-23 9:51 PM)
Hi, Robert,

We are glad that it works for you.
Yes, we are planning to publish the next book, RSBS, Intermediate, Level 3 at the end of spring 2012.

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4. Robert   (2010-10-19 8:15 PM)
GREAT learning system! Any plans for a 4th or "High-Intermediate" edition??
| City: Albany, NY

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3. Enrique   (2010-10-01 9:30 AM)
Review about Reading Russian Workbook

This is a fantastic beginners russian workbook. I absolutely recommend this workbook. Couldnt put it down when i first started working on it. I learned a lot from it.

| City: from Amazon

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2. Brad Cole   (2010-10-01 9:28 AM)
Review about Reading Russian Workbook

Great start for beginners!

I like this book. And I just adore its format! It has so many cute pictures that make the learning process vivid and fun. The exercises are accompanied by audio that helps a lot. At the end of each lesson there is a special exercise, where you listen to a Russian speaker talking at a natural speed. It's amazing, but actually you are able to recognize it, because you already know the words, and then you listen to them being pronounced naturally.
Each time you memorize letters and corresponding sounds just after finishing a set of exercises. Really good Workbook!

| City: San Jose, CA (from Amazon)

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1. Busy student   (2009-12-21 8:56 PM)
Review about Russian Step By Step, Beginner, Llevel 1

This book was the perfect way for me to learn Russian. Even though I had very little time available to devote to my Russian studies, I still made significant progress within just a few weeks. It carefully explained the very basics of the Russian language to me in a way that was easy to comprehend and simple to remember.

What I truly appreciate about this book is that it challenges you to try and comprehend the Russian text without too much English text on the page (which would distract from your primary goal of learning Russian). However, if you'd need any further explanation, an English version of the text is available in the back of the book.

But I couldn't speak about my success in learning Russian without mentioning the CDs. They were truly the one method that kept me refreshed and progressing forward in my studies. Every day on the way to school, I would listen to these oral exercises in my car, giving me a minimum of 20 minutes oral practice, while not impeding in other aspects of my life.

| City: from Amazon


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