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Workbook Reading Russian
RSBS Level 1 Beginner
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RSBS Level 2 Low Intermediate
New Words by Lessons
RSBS Level 3 Intermediate
Russian Handwriting: Propisi
Russian Verbs of Motion
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Russian Keyboard



Learning Strategy
Structure of the Book
How to Work With the Book


Russian Alphabet
Reading in Russian
Basic Rules of Pronunciation
Pairs of Vowels
Soft Vowels
Stressed and Unstressed Vowels
Vowels ‘и’ and ‘ы’
Voiced and Voiceless Consonants
Some Useful Spelling Rules
7 Letter Rule
5 Letter Rule
Hush Rule
Separation Signs
The Importance of Intonation


Урок 1: Hello! What is this? Let's count! Numbers from 1-10.
Урок 2: What color? Where is the phone? How much is?
Урок 3: Family. Who is this?
Test yourself 1.
Урок 4: '
You' polite and 'you' informal? Whose car is this? What is your last name?
Урок 5: What is your nationality? People
Урок 6: What kind of fruit do you like? They speak Russian. Let's count! Numbers from 11-20
Test yourself 2.
Урок 7: I am working for a firm. In/on/about. To work, to live, to love.
Урок 8: We are going to the theater for a ballet. This cat is black. Let's count! Numbers from 100-1000.
Урок 9: Do you have English-Russian dictionary? How much does it cost?
Test yourself 3.
Урок 10: I love Moscow. Hello (on the phone)!
Урок 11: Calendar. Months of the year. Seasons. What seats do you have? To look for.
Урок 12: Where are you going? Where to go? Let's meet. How many hours?
Test Yourself 4.
Урок 13: This is the Nikolayev family. The table is standing under the window.
Урок 14. In the restaurant. Menu. What do they do?
Урок 15: In the morning. Business card of Victor Sergeevich. Dean's workday. I love tea without sugar. To drink, to get up.
Test Yourself 5.
Урок 16: They have a big two bedroom apartment. How many books? To go by foot. To wait.
Урок 17: Marina has worked for the whole day. Go! To do everything on time
Урок 18: At the country house. Who is he calling to? To go by transportation
Test Yourself 6.
Урок 19: Why do people visit each other? What is the time? Time.
Урок 20: I am almost ready. Who is grandma thinking about? Who was?/What was? 
Урок 21: Pancakes. To wash your face. To take. How many wines?
Test Yourself 7.


Lesson 1 The Verb 'To Be'
Lesson 2: Gender of Nouns. Adjectives.
Lesson 3: Last name. Patronymic.
Lesson 4 : Вы or ты? Possessive Pronouns. Names of Professions.
Lesson 5: Capitalization. Verbs. Present Tense. Verb Conjugation. Personal Pronouns.
Lesson 6: Plural. Plural Nouns. ‘И’ or ‘Ы’? Plural Adjectives. Plural Possessive Pronouns. Very Formal Addressing.
Lesson 7: Russian Case System of Nouns. Nominative Case. Prepositional Case.
Lesson 8: Demonstrative Pronouns.
Lesson 9: Verb "To Be” In Present Tense. Counting Masculine Objects, That End in Soft Sign.
Lesson 10: Accusative Case. Asking for Somebody on the Phone.
Lesson 11: Ordinal Numbers. Saying Dates. Which one. Verb ‘To Go’. Conjugation of Verb ‘искать’.
Lesson 12: Accusative of Direction. Word Order. Counting Regular Masculine Objects.
Lesson 13: Instrumental Case.
Lesson 14: Instrumental of Plural Nouns. Verb ‘To Be’ in Future Tense.
Lesson 15: Genitive Case. Genitive Personal Pronouns.
Lesson 16: Something New about Verb ‘To Be’ in Present Tense. Verbs of Motion: идти, ходить. Counting Feminine Objects
Lesson 17: Past Tense. Imperative Verbs. Short Form Adjective: должен.
Lesson 18: Dative Case. Verbs Used with Dative. Dative Personal Pronouns.
Lesson 19: Conjunction ‘чтобы’. Indirect Command. Telling Time. Verb ‘To Be’ in Past Tense.
Lesson 20: Short Form Adjective: готов. Prepositional Personal Pronouns. Talking About Wearing Clothes. Used to.
Asking General Questions in Past Tense.
Lesson 21: Reflexive Verbs. Reflexive Verbs Conjugation. Past Tense of Reflexive Verbs. Instrumental Personal Pronouns. Counting Neuter Objects. Verb ‘брать’.




Possessive Pronouns
Personal Pronouns
Verb Conjugation


Russian-English Dictionary
English-Russian Dictionary