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Meet Dr. Yuen

Dr.Yuen is coming to  Bay Area end of September 2014. Tickets to the event will be available soon on this page. To reserve a spot, please email info@russianstepbystep.com

Doctor Kam Yuen, D.C. and His Amazing Method

The first time I heard about Dr. Yuen was from my friend, Dr. Meei Meei Soong, a 5- Element acupuncturist and Consultant and Master Instructor of Yuen Method Chinese Energetics.  Meei Meei has studied many different disciplines in her lifetime, earning a B.S. degree in her native Taiwan, a Ph.D. at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, and engaging in 15 years of cancer research at several major universities. Ten years ago, she met Dr. Yuen, and since then has been continued to study with him and has assisted Dr. Yuen’s seminars/workshops in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Meei Meei helped me when I was experiencing severe spinal pain issues. For many years, this pain compromised my health and my life, and I had great difficulty coping. I’d consulted with different doctors and tried physical therapy – all with no results. But Meei Meei miraculously helped me! When I say miraculously, I mean she did not do much: she simply talked to me, sometimes used needles, and sometimes made discreet movements with her hands. But most of the time we just talked.

A common belief is that many ailments are stress related. Few dispute this, but what do you do with this realization when you have an ailment? This seems to me the most important question. How do you eliminate your stress? What needs to be done to prevent stress from recurring? First, you have to determine where it comes from.

Svyatoslav Roerich, the great Russian philosopher and painter who lived in India for many years and studied ancient eastern wisdom, wrote: "Very often a person is sick just because his body is clogged with fear, tears and irritation. Very often a heart attack should not be called a heart attack, but a fear and terror attack. Similarly we could say a person does not have a severe liver pain, but avarice and dismay attack. We must learn to overcome all that crushes the spirit. Independence and freedom of the human spirit - that's the basis of the person’s true health. "

Numerous studies have proven that most of our health problems are related to our emotional conditions, stress and psychological state. Though traditional western medicine may admit the tremendous influence of psychological factors, doctors persist in trying to heal us with pills and physical procedures rather than practicing a more holistic approach with their patients. Using western methods, a person may feel relief for a while, but the ailments do not disappear – they just go deeper inside. The ailments remain, because the inner conflict is still there. 

Yuen Method techniques are the cutting edge of non-traditional medicine, and hold the key to the future of health care. Dr. Kam Yuen’s Method is based on the understanding that a human body is a bio computer with unlimited abilities. So, instead of thinking of ourselves as having a biochemical factory inside our body, we could start thinking that we are a bio computer with the ability to change the chemistry that people are so concerned about.

Dr. Kam Yuen, Doctor of Chiropractic, has been the world’s foremost expert and leading Grandmaster of Shaolin Kung-Fu for nearly half a century. He is a well-known author and martial artist, frequently appearing on the covers of different martial arts magazines. He was also the technical and Kung-Fu advisor on the original “Kung-Fu” TV series and thus was instrumental in bringing authentic Kung-Fu to an international audience. Prior to this, Dr. Yuen was a rocket scientist and an aerospace engineer.

Dr. Yuen was the first person (doctor or otherwise) to eliminate the maladies of people from all walks of life on the spot within seconds LIVE on both television and radio. He was also the first person to integrate body-mind-spirit interactive protocols as a means of getting immediate results to resolve any and all of life’s problems.

Dr. Yuen is always innovating and continuously pushing the envelope for the maximization of our human potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. He has taught, or as he calls it, “directed” thousands of people from all across the world to eliminate their stress, pain, and ailments in his teleseminars and teleclinics. But people don't just receive information from Dr. Yuen’s sessions. They receive experiences that they can then apply to enjoy immediate pain relief for themselves and others at any time and in any place.

He has proven countless times that human beings and other living creatures can quickly and consistently improve and recover from any ailment and that healing, curing, and therapy are not always necessary. He has directed many thousands to self-improvement, self-expertise and self-mastery.

Dr. Kam Yuen can direct ANYONE to achieve this self-improvement, self-expertise, and self-mastery to become fully self-reliant. He has demonstrated how patients can be safeguarded from any potential side effects of drug, surgical and radiation treatments. He has shown that ANY injuries, whether they are chronic or acute, severe or trivial, can routinely, quickly and consistently be improved immediately.

Athletes, singers, and dancers who have suffered injuries have all improved their performance during Yuen Method seminars, regaining the ability to run, use their arms to throw, and swing a golf club when they were unable to mere seconds before working with Dr. Yuen.

Dr. Yuen has been invited to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ club house to resolve player’s injuries on the spot without any type of physical touch or verbalization necessary.

He has appeared on countless radio shows, local, national and international TV (“The Jay Leno Show”, “Hard Copy”, “Extra”, “Strange Universe”, “E”, ABC News and Fox News and “Good Morning Atlanta”), Grandmaster Yuen has been featured on the front covers of martial arts and alternative health magazines.

Some well-known celebrities who have consulted with Dr. Yuen include Coretta Scott King, Stevie Wonder, Dick Gregory, Robert DeNiro, David and Keith Carradine, Morgan Fairchild, Stacey Keach, Seal, Steven Seagal, Sinbad, The Jackson Five, Paula Abdul, Jack Canfield, Dan Millman, Chuck Norris, Louise Hay, and Michael Beckwith.

Dr. Yuen travels the world giving lectures, conducting seminars, and teaching his Method. In September, you have a unique opportunity to meet with Dr. Kam Yuen personally. He has generously accepted the invitation of his Bay Area students to deliver two seminars for those interested in learning his amazing techniques. Come and learn the path to a pain-free existence!

1st Seminar

Date: Saturday, September 27

Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Address: 1501 Washington Avenue, Albany CA 94706

2nd Seminar

Date: Sunday, September 28

Time: 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Address: 2118 Hays Street, San Francisco, CA 94117.

Tickets can be purchased online via the following link: http://russianstepbystep.com/     (I will send the real link later on, once we agree on the content)

Cost:    Adults $20

Seniors and Students $15

Please, visit the Meeting with Dr. Yuen Page  http://russianstepbystep.com/   for possible updates.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: info@russianstepbystep.com.


Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian translation will be available during Dr. Yuen’s seminars.



https://www.facebook.com/YuenMethod (Dr. Kam Yuen)

Юэн метод  русская страничка (Dr. Kam Yuen Method – Russian)

 https://www.facebook.com/MaestriaYuen  (Dr kam yuen - Spanish)

https://www.facebook.com/masteryyuen (Dr. Kam Yuen - Chinese)