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Russian Step By Step
Intermediate, Level 3

Russian Step By Step Low Intermediate Level 3

This is the fourth book of the Russian Step By Step series. The first 3 are:  Reading Russian Workbook: Total Beginner and Beginner 1, Low Intermediate 2

Russian Step By Step, Intermediate Level 3 is one more step in mastering your Russian. In this book you will learn about Declension of Russian Adjectives and Pronouns in Plural, Cardinal numbers and their conjugation, Collective numbers, Adverbial Participle, Conjugation of All, Man vs. People and many more complex grammar points.

Russian Step By Step Intermediate Level 3   provides you with a step by step understanding and practice of the conjugation system for the plurals and in-depth use of pronouns, adjectives and numbers.

With nine original texts, two audio recordings of each text (one full and one with convenient pauses for repetition), a set of exercises and lots of explanations Russian Step By Step, Intermediate Level 3 helps you further perfect all four language skills:  comprehension, speaking, reading and writing. It is structured as all of our RSBS materials in this series, so you will feel comfortable and confident using them right away. Each lesson starts with a text and a dialogue that covers fun and original topics with lots of new useful vocabulary: meeting people for the first time in Russia, health benefits of hugs, about Russian, people who swim in cold water in winter, friends, children, a famous Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov,  New Year’s celebration in Russia, and making a business deal in Russia. In the grammar section you will find a full translation of each lesson together with an explanation of grammar that is presented in the lesson.

Hours of audio recorded by native speakers (female and male voices) ensures that you learn the authentic pronunciation, stress and intonations.

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