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Workbook Reading Russian
RSBS Level 1 Beginner
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RSBS Level 2 Low Intermediate
New Words by Lessons
RSBS Level 3 Intermediate
Russian Handwriting: Propisi
Russian Verbs of Motion
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Russian Step By Step School Edition


To gain access to the School Edition Audio component that comes with the student book for any levels please register first.

All the instructions are in the Student Book. If you have any issues with the registration or access to the website, please visit our Help Page.

This page will present some brief information about the School Edition Series, to learn more - please visit our dedicated site russianstepbystepschooledition.com.

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It's is hard to find a course that makes your life as a teacher easy, appeals to your students, is clear and has all the desired reading, listening, speaking and writing components. We know. We were there and that's why we started creating our books.

Our original series were used by private tutors, language schools, colleges and Universities all over the US, in Europe and a lot of countries all over the world many years. We have touched base with a great number of wonderful teachers, tutors and administrators who offer Russian classes to a variety of students. Even though the general feedback to the original book was overwhelmingly positive everyone had a list of wishes and recommendations of what can be changed.

We listened, we took notes and we understood.

In our effort to accommodate these requests we have reformatted our existing materials.

DO NOT WORRY, we kept:

  • the straightforward and step by step method
  • all the core texts, dialogues, exercises and supporting materials
  • teachers' support and training sessions

And we built on it and improved by:

  • including the learning to read and write in Russian into our level 1 beginner material
  • restructuring what goes into each level
  • adding more (yes, more!) texts, dialogues and exercises
  • updating our audio
  • adding a Teacher's Manual for each level, to bring teachers' prep work to a minimum
  • developing slides to go with every lesson to provide visual interest
  • adding private coaching support
  • and so much more!

Russian Step By Step School Edition is a perfect Series for all the teachers who want a straightforward easy to digest course for their students that will not overwhelm them and will make a teacher's life easier with all the planning done for them and lots of supplemental materials provided (downloadable audio,&slides, online tables and grammar verbs of motions, handwriting (propisi) and more additional materials developed every year).

The School Edition consists of 4 levels:

  1. Beginner 1
  2. Low Intermediate 2
  3. Intermediate 3
  4. Upper Intermediate 4

More levels are in production to follow!

Please contact us at info@russianstepbystep.com with any questions, desk copy requests, orders or special editions.

Special edition opportunities: we can customize these materials with your school's logo, and even modify the books to fit your school's needs!

We offer teacher training for the materials and advice on how to best implement it in YOUR classroom.