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How Long Does it Take to Learn Russian?
FreeDigitalPhotos.netHow long does it take to learn Russian or any other language?
It depends.
First of all what is your goal: do you want to be able to carry on a simple conversation or be fluent in Russian?
The kids that come from foreign countries become fluent in a year. Learning is getting more challenging with the age.
Companies that sell language learning products often guarantee you fluency in a certain period of time. Language experts though are skeptical of such claims.
Most language teachers tell you that the learning process is a complex thing that includes comprehension, grammar, reading, writhing, speaking, etc. The more time and energy you put in your studying – the better results are.

For the best results you need:
1) A good book with lots of audio
2) A good teacher
3) Somebody to practice your language outside the class.

Our Reading Russian Workbook has 6 lessons. Therefore, if you study 2 hours every day you will be able to read Russian (Cyrillic) in a week. 

Our Russian Step By Step Beginner Level 1 book has 21 lessons that require about 70 - 100 hours of studying. 
On average, if you are serious about your studying, it would take about a year to converse without difficulties at a basic level: check the content of Russian Step By Step, level  1.

I would like to mention that knowing additional language helps to learn the third one. Therefore, if you already speak Spanish or German or French, etc., you definitely have an advantage.
Learning a new language is fun.
This blog post is by Natasha Alexandrova and Anna Watt
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Comments: 2
The friend of mine who actually speaks Russian claims that it took him about 5 years to become fluent.

That is a very realistic time expecially if you do not live in the country!

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