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"Russian Step By Step" by Natasha Alexandrova

Attention to Language learning centers, professional Russian language tutors and self-study students who want to make the first step in Russian language study!

Russian Is Not Frustrating Anymore!

We are glad to introduce a new textbook for studying the Russian language: "Russian Step By Step" for beginners by Natasha Alexandrova. After a global research on existing Russian textbooks which scare off beginners, we offer a completely new product which will make your learning process easy and fun. Russian is not frustrating anymore!

New Way to Learn Russian: Easy and Fun!

This book is designed by an experienced teacher for total beginners who are learning Russian in their own country.  A self-study program can be especially attractive to those who attempted to learn Russian and failed, because they were overwhelmed with the amount of grammar and vocabulary that crowd conventional textbooks. The book has a lot of drawings and charts that make the learning process fun and easy to follow.

Great Book for Tutors

"Russian Step By Step for beginners” is useful for tutors, because of consistent and logical structure which leads the students step by step, introducing one topic at a time.
Lessons contain lively dialogues and texts. Exercises, that help students practice the new language, are introduced in the beginning of each lesson. Each lesson is accompanied by an audio track that has many different voices. The six hour audio course helps the student memorize new vocabulary and understand the spoken language.
There are no bulky rules; grammar explanations are simple. It allows a tutor to avoid putting too much pressure on a student.

The Book Is Structured

Russian grammar is very different from English grammar. The most challenging step for English speakers in learning Russian grammar is the Case System of nouns when the words change their endings depending on their functions in the sentence (subject, direct object, indirect object, etc.). A person cannot really speak Russian without knowing Case System. The main purpose of this book is to teach this system gradually, step by step.