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Russian Step By Step

Beginner, Level 1

Russian Step By Step Beginner Level 1 is the second step in Russian Step By Step Learning System. 
Grammar is simplified. Only the very basic rules are given. It can be especially attractive for those who attempted to learn Russian and failed, because they were overwhelmed with the amount of grammar and vocabulary. But, at the same time, it covers the core grammar, which means that the book is structured.
After finishing this book, students are supposed to have solid knowledge of the Russian Cases System of nouns and to be ready to move to the next level. The book has a lot of drawings and charts that make the learning process fun and easy to follow.

An audio component (Includes a FREE Direct Audio Download!) helps students memorize new vocabulary and understand the language as it is commonly spoken.
 A Very Usable Textbook June 22, 2013
I taught EFL in Russia just over 3 years and I found Russian textbooks for English learners to be quite dismal. (But to be fair, the British and American written textbooks used there aren't that great either). I also tried a couple of Russian textbooks for my learning Russian and they too were disappointing.

It seems that many language textbooks by Russians are written by scientists and pedants who place the subject under a microscope and theorize it to death, rather than sharing information. "Russian - step by step" by Natasha Alexandrova is a much welcomed relief for it actually presents a process of learning the language in a very usable and understandable way - it makes sense! The book starts gently for the novice and yet jumps right in at the same time. Anyone who can explain the 6 laborious cases of Russian is a true teacher. I just wish this textbook had been around when I lived in Russia. Molodets, Natasha! ( From Amazon. com)

Review of Russian Step By Step Beginner Level 1 by Darya (Fluent City)