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Russian Step By Step Verbs of Motion Series

Many learners of Russian think that the verbs of motion is one of the hardest topics when studying Russian. This series of workbooks is designed not just to memorize the rules, but to internalizing the logic of Russian verbs of motion, as well as to help you just use them without thinking.

Verbs of Motion Workbook 1 and 2 present the verbs of motion without prefixes.   Every verb is given with a conjugation table, exercises to practice the new verbs in its direct and indirect meaning and a text (with a translation). The answers keys are at the end of the workbook.

Verbs of Motion Workbook 1 covers the following seven pairs of verbs: 

идти/ходить  (to walk)
ехать/ездить (to go by vehicle on the ground)

лететь/летать (to fly)

бежать/бегать (to run)

плыть/плавать (to swim)
вести/водить (to lead, to drive)

нести/носить (to carry by an animate object)

You can purchase it here.

Verbs of Motion Workbook 2 covers the following seven pairs of verbs: 

везти/возить (to carry by some kind of transportation)

катить/катать (to roll)

брести/бродить (to wander)

гнать/гонять (to shoo)

лезть/лазить (to climb)

ползти/ползать (to crawl)

тащить/таскать (to drag)